Fall/Winter Look Book - The Story Behind It


My inspiration has been mostly from galaxies and space. Each collection is different in the sense of what inspiration was the basis of its creation. I've been having dreams of being in space and the beauty of it all. Sometimes that's just how it happens: I wake up in the middle of the night or in the morning with an idea and turn that idea into something tangible and real.

Originally, the photographer and I had planned to use a projector to project constellations onto the space we'd be shooting, but after much consideration, we decided it'd be best to keep it simple and elegant. Perhaps I will use that idea for a future collaboration. Each piece from the new collection has a name that defines the idea behind it. The materials I've been mainly using in my new collection and have been in awe of are pyrite, labradorite, moonstone, and black onyx. I have always been a gold kind of person, but in my newest collection I have been utilizing a lot of sterling silver in my pieces. When I was a young girl, I was an avid reader and the qualities that always appealed to me were that of strong beauty, boldness, and uniqueness. A lot of my edgy pieces have been in sterling silver which is mostly why it is one of the most-used materials in my latest collection. 

In my latest look book, I envisioned a model that was beautiful in a unique and strong way, bold and daring with the jewelry she was wearing, and one to seek adventure through the galaxies. She possessed an air of innocence but an understanding of the world that made her strong. Her beauty had an ethereal quality (almost fairy-like). There were two looks for the shoot: the first was to portray the ethereal beauty with a 60's make up look (the dawn of women's rights and equality). I'm not ashamed to say that I've been binge-watching Mad Men and may have had a little inspiration from the show to throw a little 60's look into the photo shoot. I have to say, if it wasn't for the crew I had, this would have never been possible. The MUA was Alondra Shields and the hair stylist was Jaz Beasley. Both worked together to perfectly duplicate the vision I had and transform the model into that character. The model, Kylee Poling, from Elite Model agency, was one of the most brilliant models I have ever worked with. Not only was she able to make it go right to make it to the shoot only an hour after it was originally scheduled (the first model had bailed last minute), but she had definitely exceeded my expectations. Each look only took a few minutes because the photographer, Paris Duff, was able to capture the shot and Kylee was able to confidently show off the jewelry in her set character.

The second imagine shown above was my favorite look from the shoot by far. Something you'd see in a Vogue fashion magazine, this look portrays the confidence and boldness I wanted for the shoot. The materials I have focused on only using in my pieces have been 14k gold filled and sterling silver. They are materials that possess the quality of a Barney's or Tiffany's jewelry piece. I have always been allergic to metal jewelry which is one of the main reasons I have strived for such high quality. An article I read on Forever 21 and Target jewelry is another reason that has pushed me to make pretty but not toxic jewelry. You can view that article here

All in all, this was my first official look book and a successful one at that! I am excited to start planning my Spring Collection look book and have many ideas already. I just have to get in that mind set and it will all fall into place. View the Fall/Winter look book.


Hannah Frost